Maybe I’ll write this like a letter.

Sorry I haven’t been posting to this blog. I know I wanted to get it all together in the beginning, But time just goes by so strangely. I don’t know  if it’s the change in environment, the amount of fun I’m having, or constantly being in the moment… it’s not fast or slow…I can only describe it as..weird.

I’m currently at a library on an island outside of Savannah, Georgia. It’s around the block from the Walmart that we sleep at. No other people sleep there usually. Last night 2 people were our neighbors but they both left in the morning. A young couple with a puppy from Washington, and an old couple who I don’t want to assume waited their whole lives working to get a really expensive rv so they can see the world as very old people. Maybe Canada just gives them away. I’ll let u know.

Practicing Unity (Doing Yoga) is different. Probably because we’ve been doing it at rest stops and libraries and the walmart parking lot. It puts us in this mindset where feeling the bodies we’re in is very easy. It feels like our bodies are really our homes. Meditating is the same way. Though it’s a little hard because I’m very excited about life and I get distracted thinking about art I can make out of cardboard and trash.


We’ve each taken one shower. I got naked in the parking lot and used the van doors to hang a water proof picnic blanket. It was cold but I got clean. Ariela washed her hair in a public bathroom. We use baking powder for hair, and baby wipes for bodies. Also Limes are our deodorant. We wash our faces and brush our teeth in the Walmart bathroom.

in the bathriom.jpg

Oatmeal, Yogurt, or Eggs for breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We embrace breakfast. We have a snack in the middle of the day, granola bars or nuts and dates. And dinner is usually beans and onion and broccoli stems (we found a lot on the first dumpster dive)


Oh! That’s important. I learned how to”urban forage” this past summer when I lived in NYC working as a nanny. We’ve been looking in dumpsters behind grocery stores and gas stations most nights for food they throw away because they get new stuff. We’ve found ~30 boxes of granola bars, 3 packages of dried figs, pistachios, crackers, MUFFINS. I hope we never have to buy food ever.


This morning we were in the community center parking lot talking about our feelings.

Amanda feels like time is going by weird and she just wants to create but has to keep reminding herself to balance what she does. Amanda needs to meditate more and chill out more. Amanda is excited for the meditation camp that starts in 2 weeks.

Ariela feels

i feel fine. i dont know why amandas making me do this. she smells.like a turd.like a big smelly turd.


I have never dumpster dove, showered in a public restroom, or left new jersey in a van with a fairy to travel the country.

We’re at the library right now chillin with our high school friends and they’re distracting me.

Its been a week,  like exactly a week since we left.

searching in dumpsters for food is FUN,the whole experience is so exciting. each dumpster is like a treasure chest! and we’re the pirates 😉

It’s made me so much more grateful… for everything.( BLUEBERRY MUFFINS)

I am learning to have patience. LIKE REAL PATIENCE WITH MYSELF.

I am learning, we’re both learning and I’m grateful to have a buddy to experience all of this exciting life with.

It’s Amanda again. Alrighty. till next time!

-Ariela and Amanda