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An explanation of Chakras without sprinkling spiritual fairy dust on it

intro to explainiation of charaks

Let’s Actually Ask Ourselves What Chakras Are

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

-Nikola Tesla

When I first felt curiosity about those little colorful whirlpools you see on cool psychedelic art, I was a senior in high school I think.


On the surface, this is pretty much what you’ll find:


But let’s get real. I don’t want to use an analogy about a bathtub to understand how I am an energetic being. If energy is a scientifically notable force, then I should be able to understand this in a way that doesn’t demean the amazing human brain I have to think with.

creative thinking time


So.. electricity  is energy. Electricity used to power machines,  harnesses the physical movement of electrons between atoms. The constant ballroom waltz that’s happening on the atomic level. Your nervous system also uses this naturally occurring and never ending movement as fuel.

“Nerves are specialized cells – they carry messages from one part of the body to another, as tiny electrical signals.”


So if we look at the nervous system, a sort of railroad track of electrical signals, (energy) we see this. Note this is the autonomic nervous system, the part responsible for body functions you have no control over (as opposed to muscular or skeletal nerves)

autonomic nervous m

Those bunches of nerves? Are bunches of electricity. Bunches of energy. All this proves though, is “There are dense sections of energy in these areas of the human body.”

Chemical reactions are energy! Chemicals reacting with each other. This happens when hormones travel through your blood stream. Hormones are molecules. Just groups of bonded atoms that go around having chemical reactions within your body. (THIS IS AMAZING)

Your endocrine system is a system of glands in your body that secrete hormones into your blood stream (rather than through a duct)


Now.. the endocrine glands are used often to describe chakras. But when you realize the root chakra is not near the adrenal glands.. you have to question the whole thing.  I dont use the “chakra system” shown everywhere. I think about the hormones. I think about the energy. (I don’t use that word lightly)

my attempt

Hm.. how do i say this.. Think about.. your thymus. “heart chakra” which makes Thymosin.. which promotes production  of white blood cells. White blood cells are the cells of the immune system involved in protecting the body against infectious disease and foreign invaders. There’s.. a gland in your body making a hormone that protects you against disease. Every”thing” is atoms and everything is reacting with eachother. There’s a collection of atoms that is changing the energy of other atoms to heal you and protect your body.

So when I think of chakras.. I think about how these hormones account for so much of what the body i was born into does. I am in a body that makes adrenaline!!!! a hormone that makes me super aware and in the moment and yea i can call it a root chakra if i want or i can just think of everything as vibrations and skip the whole middle part of calling it a swirling vortex of.. energy..

So my opinion is lets not mystify.. “sprinkle fairy dust” on things that are pretty simple, scientific, and still really awesome. i kinda feel like its the human ego that wants to feel its in a really cool energetic body but the whole universe is an energetic body so everybody chill out

lovin you all



i do intend on writing articles describing different hormones, energy that we are composed of and things you can do to embrace it. but you know.. i live in a van and everything takes time.        -Amanda


  1. Al

    I feel like I can hear you talking when you type! Thanks for this one.

  2. B Dra

    That was an incredibly enlightening way of describing chakras 🙂 can defintely tell you have meditated over subjects such as this quite a lot

    • Amanda

      WOW THANK YOU PLEASE IGNORE MY CAPs lOCK is broken BUT YEA IVE SPENT A LOT OF TIME THINKING ABOUT THIS, existentially meditating over it haha

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