We’re pretty much 2 little girls going through a constant existential crisis.

Inspired to live the nomadic caravan life by impermanence.

We’re from the suburbs of New Jersey outside NYC. Pretty privileged. We met at community college in a writing class January 2015. We became best friends quickly.

We like to learn. We like to create. We like to question things until it hurts.

We’re not sure whats to come of this blog.

Amanda. 21. American/Colombian

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As a little girl, I wandered around a lot in supermarkets. My mom brought me to Colombia every year to give clothes away to people in poor neighborhoods. I have memories of crying in my bed at night because some people don’t have food or a roof.  I was voted most talkative and I wanted to be a teacher, or a radio host.

In high school I was friends with everyone and no one. I usually had a boyfriend who told me what to do. Eventually I stopped caring about boys and blossomed into the “I’m gonna do whatever I want” gal I am. I had purple hair. I was a slight trouble maker. (Shoplifting, Snuck out a lot, bad grades)  I caused my parents some pain. I would tell them I may be careless with some things, spontaneous, and a little crazy but at least I’m not a sheep. I went to community college and wore flowers around my head and philosophized with people.  I turned 18 and went through Europe lonesomely for 8 months. Workaways and stayed with friends. I got really into meditating and the world became different. I went back to community college and started the meditation club. I shaved my head. I was a really serious person for a while. I met Ariela. Ariela made me laugh. I was only in community college to make my mom feel like coming to this country was worth it. I knew I was going to spend my life nomadicly. I left with Ariela.

Now I’m way more creative than I’ve ever been. I exercise. I’m learning chess. I live in a van with my best friend. I feel like an adult sometimes. Sometimes I feel like I’m dodging society. I love my life. I like chemistry. I don’t think there’s a right or wrong way to live. I’m not hard on myself or others. Humanity could kill Earth and itself and it probably wouldnt be the first time a civilization has ever done that. I think it’s ego that wants to see humans with a colorful aura around them. I’m getting back into meditating

Ariela. 19. American/Russian