Yoga And Self-Improvement

A creative cool way to gain good habits and “level up” in LIFE.

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It comes with a certain creative way of thinking. So lets think abstractly here.

Imagine life as a game and you are  character. runesacpe

You have skills, charisma, physical endurance, creative ability, you gain experience. You have allies and you could be classified as a species. You’re in a clan, a family.  And you go on QUESTS!(like get a job or get qtips) Life is runescape. Life is a real Dungeons and Dragons game. A total adventure. (If you don’t get these references, just imagine a medieval type skill acquiring game)

We all have our own skills we want to “level up” in. Be it drawing, becoming more fit, learning  to play an instrument or sew, your position at your job, how good of a person you are. A lot of people want survival skills and crafting for the ever coming apocalypse lol.

Life is a complete act of creation. You decide everything. You decide what kind of fuel to put in your body. You decide your plan of action. You decide what to do with your time alive.


-Neil Donald Walsch

So one day while thinking about all the skills I want to improve.. I doodled a character sheet for who “I am”.


I separated my skills into 3 bigger traits I want to spend my life working on:

  • Dexterity (how in control of the body I’m in. Acrobatics)
  • Creativity (Art and the act of creating my reality. “Witchcraft”)
  • Intelligence (Learn everything you can. Science is important.)

And now I have a little list of my basic life goals 🙂

With this list, I created another list of things I can actually do to practice these skills. And I assigned points!!!!

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So at the end of each day, I’ve been counting up points for all the things I did that day and eventually when the colorful meter is full (idk how many points it’s worth I’m just coloring the meter a little bit each time) I’ll LEVEL UP.

indexYou can do this for yourself, I highly recommend it. If you stick to it it’s really fun and motivational. You can use my system as a guideline but really you can do anything you want. Just sit by yourself and think about what you want to improve in yourself!

If you want help I am here for you. Comment or something I’ll see it. Lovin you!


An explanation of some of my “skills”

unity- the practice of being united with the body youre in

witchcraft- I practice witchcraft. it’s the art of manifesting your reality.

babylon- nickname for the “real world.” this blog is my “real world” job so whenever i create something I get babylon points.

acrobats- i totally want to be an acrobat! and a contortionist.

healing- a way for me to know im doing good things for myself

reality- with everything you do.. you are creating your reality. this is just a fun thing i keep track of



  1. Sasha

    You guys are so inspirational! My best friend and I plan to do something similar someday. Truly you guys are people to look up to!

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